Pastor’s Biography

Overseer Bishop J.F Ray Sr. Senior Pastor Rommie E. Ray

Bishop Dr. James F. Ray Sr. Overseer of It’s All About Jesus World Ministries Inc., installed in the Office as Bishop 25 July 2021.   He is married to Senior Pastor  Dr. Rommie Elaine Ray (Pastor) for 37 wonderful years, and they have two blessed sons James Jr. and Jacques Ray. They have four grandchildren Brianna Stallworth, Joel James Ray, and Jayce Reginald Alan Spurgeon, and Jiaire Gabriel Ray.  Pastor James received Jesus at the age of 10 and during his youth he distanced himself from his walk but always felt the need to serve God. 

While deployed to Germany in (1986) Pastor James regain his connection with God, while observing his wife’s dedication to God, he felt the need to seek Jesus for himself.  During a city-wide conference in Hinesville GA., February 1990 just before being deployed to Desert Shield Desert Storm he was filled with the gift of the Holy Spirit and has been serving God ever since. He is a 1981 graduate of Elloree High School.  While attending Colorado Technical University online pursuing his Master’s MSHCM (Master’s of Science Healthcare Management) – concentration  Informatics graduating 8 August 2019, with already received his Bachelor of Science Health Care Management with honors he Graduated 16 February 2018., and is expecting God to take him to the next level.

Pastor James takes advantage of every opportunity in furthering his education, he has received many level of Ministers Training and more than 20 plus years  Christian Education, he uses every opportunity to learn.  Bishop James is seeking to continue his Biblical studies in the near future.  Upon graduation from High School he decided to join the Armed Forces and entered the US Army as an enlisted Soldier in December 1980, Bishop James served in more than 10 countries, and more than 12 Military Post. He has served as member of the ICFM (International Christian Faith Ministries) as his continual Pastoral training. After being motivated, inspired, and encouraged by Dr. Daisy P. Edwards and the late Dr. Bill Basansky, August 2010 Pastor James accepted and has been appointed as an Area Director for the Orangeburg, SC, and has taken a brief pause from the (ICFM). 

Pastor James was ordained into the Gospel Ministry 1997, he has served as Assistant Pastor of Agape Christian Fellowship for 4 years and prior to that as Deacon for 7 years. He served in every area that God would use him and did it with great joy.   Bishop James has preached the word of God in foreign soil (Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Egypt, and Turkey, Europe) as well as in Georgia, Maryland, North and South Carolina, Indiana, and Alabama, Louisiana, Oklahoma.  Bishop James has stood on the grounds of Abraham’ birth place and has seen the Euphrates River, has walked on some the soil that our Lord and Savior has walked.

Bishop Ray Retired on May 9, 2008 serving his country for more than 28 years, he felt his time was well spent as a soldier and, with few medical issues as well. He is continue serving,  but now a soldier for the Lord.  Also, one of many scriptures He stands firm on is, II Chronicles 7:14 is what he teaches and lives by “If my people which are called by my name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and heal their land.”  

Bishop James Motto is “It doesn’t matter what it looks like” a faith statement that The Lord had spoken to him during one of my lowest points in this Christian walk,

“Also SEED, ROOT, STEM, BRANCH, FRUIT, AND HARVEST to receive a blessing from God there is a growth process.

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